Jackson Bo – [KCG Josh] ft. [Lil Mexico]

The Houston rap scene is something that is absolutely flourishing at this moment in time thanks to artists like Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion, and Maxo Kream, among others, and even despite the Astroworld tragedy that occurred last year, the fault seemed to come down on Travis rather than the city itself. Beyond this, the scene there is unique because although I’m sure there are tons of underground artists trying to make a name for themselves, it seems like it is purely known for a handful of larger names and the rest of the country hasn’t dug deep enough to discover too many up-and-comers quite yet.

This is why I try my best to dive into the lesser-known names hailing from the Texas mecca because it is simply too big of a city to not explore, and when the homie sent me a new song from KCG Josh featuring Lil Mexico called “Jackson Bo”, I knew I had no choice but to write about it after checking it out. At first, I thought I was unfamiliar with Josh, but after giving the song a spin, I realized that I had heard of him before thanks to his inclusion on Maxo Kream’s song “Brothers” off of his album Brandon Banks, and it took embarrassingly too long to realize that he was actually Maxo’s blood brother.

Well, after hearing this track, it’s clear that talent courses through their blood. The Botek-produced beat is very deep yet simplistic including some menacing piano chords combined with crisp percussion and pungent drums, paving the way for Josh and Mexico to do their thing. Josh’s flow and voice sound reminiscent of his brother slightly, but there is a very unique and differentiating tone within his delivery that shows he is his own person and doesn’t deserve to be undercut by comparisons whatsoever.

Mexico comes in with so much energy and conviction, starting with a quick cadence that soon turns into a bit more of a tuneful and melodic style that is just too addicting to get out of your head. While I truly feel like KCG Josh is undeniably the next one to blow up out of Houston, his chemistry with Lil Mexico on “Jackson Bo” is just too entertaining to let go by the wayside, so don’t just take my word for how great this record is and check it out for yourself as well as the accompanying NelShotIt-directed music video.