Jack Harlow and Druski – GOAT Talk with Complex

In association with Complex, rapper Jack Harlow and comedian Druski took part in a mini-episode series called, GOAT Talk, in which the hilarious duo rattled off scripted cards in a ‘Q&A’ format with questions themed around the acronym: “G.O.A.T.,” that is, the Greatest Of All Time. The premise remains the same throughout each question, but the subject of the questions change, varying from G.O.A.T. album, to G.O.A.T. strip club. 

The dry, inescapable humor is evident from the jump, and continues consistently throughout, as the two expand their brand outward in the form of a genius and equally hilarious talk-show.

Complex absolutely killed this min-series, with their latest guests Jack Harlow and Druski upping the ante, with the video already reaching 775K + viewers in just 4 days.

Watch Jack Harlow and Druski in, Goat Talk, by Complex, on YouTube below!