J Randle – [E the Profit]

I have come across a slew of artists throughout my time as a writer who seem to get a ton of attention for everything outside of their music like their style, antics, or personality. Admittedly, I have fallen under the spell of some of these people before because it’s very easy to get distracted by all of the buzz surrounding them that it takes some time before I realize that their music is exactly why outsiders view rap as this repetitive, drab genre that just sees clones continue to do the same things over and over again, just with a different façade.

E the Profit is the exact opposite of this because while he may not boast or flex nearly as often as some others in the industry, he has a skill set that is undeniably addicting, and I truly feel like we need to place more importance on the talent of emcees rather than the rest of the frills that come with them. E definitely deserves some time in the bigger picture, and while he has released countless things to argue this point continuously, I am honestly just so happy to be tapped in as he continues to succeed in his developing career.

His latest track is called “J Randle”, and it just might be my personal favorite offering thus far from the Kentucky native. Over the intense Rocco Roy production, E goes absolutely insane, spitting merciless bars that are engrained with hostility and assertation. What can’t be overlooked is his sheer comfort and certainty while reciting these lines, though, because he finishes this track with such poise after tearing the beat to pieces, and it left me with goosebumps with just how raw everything came together.

Andrew Barrett directed the supplementary music video, and even though it was not even a minute and a half long, the edits and effects used were beyond fascinating without going overboard, so all around, I feel like this is one of the best releases that E has shared so far, and it leaves me waiting on the edge of my seat for the next one.