iwishicouldlie2u – [Jelani Imani] [Mila Flowers]

Making their way to our lemon-filled pages today, we’re here to present two artists by the names of Jelani Imani and Mila Flowers with their newest offering, “iwishicouldlie2u”. Doused in a dreamy, love-minded state, this offering seemingly floats right along by as each of the two artists detail the extents of their affection. Both lyrically and sonically, “iwishicouldlie2u” follows a cohesive, illustrative path, and further so, it paints a clear picture of love without ever compromising the authenticity of their emotions. After stumbling upon this one via SoundCloud, it has become quite clear to me that both Imani and Flowers hold the talent and potential to be huge, so make sure you get hip as soon as possible. Listen to “iwishicouldlie2u” at the link provided below!