It’s Whatever – [K$upreme] ft. [Future]

My first introduction to K$upreme was many years ago after I was put onto Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team collective. I was enthralled with his unique sound at the time, but I found myself moving away from it quicker than I was anticipating. Due to this, I’ve been somewhat unaware of his more recent whereabouts, but after doing some digging, I realize that my ignorance truly has put me behind the curve after the insane moves he’s been making recently. His latest project Caught Fire was a collaboration with CHASETHEMONEY, and it boasted features from Lil Boat and even Chief Keef, so that’s a project I immediately put on my list to get to as soon as possible.

When I found out that he linked up with Future for a brand-new collaboration, I couldn’t help but tune in, and I’m beyond glad that I did. This track is called “It’s Whatever”, but the title doesn’t even come close to comparing to the impact that this song had on my eardrums today. The production on this hit is comprised of wavy, almost underwater-sounding synths that are elevated by poignant piano keys. As the beat drops, higher-pitched, sliding synths enter into the picture as rattling percussion and banging drums come to the forefront and set the tone for this relaxed yet up-tempo track.

As Future begins the hook, he sings his lyrics in his trademark autotune style in the smoothest possible way. His voice is buttery and unphased, coupling with the instrumental as he raises and lowers the inflection and tonality in his voice. There is a passion behind his words that is indescribable but notable nonetheless, and it is simply inimitable by any other artist out currently. When K comes in for the first verse, his words are similarly melodious to that of his counterpart’s, but his words are spoken a bit hastier and merged together, colliding with one another in a perfect manner.

There is a reverberation on his vocals that allow his words to echo off into the distance at the end of each bar, leading us perfectly into the next line. Due to his work with the Sailing Team, I always imagined him to be more carefree and lighthearted, but this song shows a slightly more serious, vehement side of him that I was previously unaware of, but appreciate, nonetheless. He is fairly consistent with his flows but does switch them up occasionally, breathing new life into the already incredible verse.

After one more chorus, Future actually delivers an entire verse as well. Here, his vocal effects remain similar to those he uses on the chorus, but he quickens his delivery and provides some more flexibility and dexterity to his portion. Certain lines are faster while others are more spread out and stretched, providing some much-appreciated differentiation to his verse overall. As far as the lyrics are concerned, both artists take turns rapping about their wealth, taking care of their significant others, and flexing on those who are much less well off than they are.

On this record, I saw a different side of K$upreme that I was previously unaware of. Despite this, it absolutely captured my attention and made me want to immediately go back and tune into his previous offerings that I have been sleeping on up until now. When I saw he got Future as a feature, this became a mandatory listen, but I was pleasantly surprised that he got much more than what I expected from the Atlanta legend. Usually, a talent like Future pops in for a quick verse or a short hook, but K got extensive hooks and an entire verse from the superstar, so his additions were copious and incredible, to say the least. “It’s Whatever” is the name of the remarkable new record from K$upreme and Future, so make sure you don’t miss out and check it out below.