It’s Up – [CP] x [DCG Brothers]

Time and time again, you will find me either on our website or having in-person conversations about how much budding talent is coming out of Chicago at the moment. I feel like this is the most potent class of young talent coming from the city since the 2012-2014 era, and a few of the rappers at the forefront of this movement are CP and the DCG Brothers, Shun + Bsavv. These emcees first got connected a couple of months ago and they have been working on plenty of new content ever since, but today, they blessed us with their first collaboration titled “It’s Up”. The first aspect of this track that will catch your attention is the monumental instrumental provided by Based1, before CP jumped on the beat and gave arguably his best musical performance to date. Soon after this, DCG Bsavv stepped up to the plate + gave a memorable feature, but untimely DCG Shun ended this one on a positive note with his fantastic contribution. These are three artists from Chicago that I believe you should keep a close eye on, watch this new music video below and be sure to give CP a follow on Twitter here!