IT’S TOO QUIET..’!! – [Pink Siifu] x [Turich Benjy]

Cincinnati, Ohio-grown artists Pink Siifu and Turich Benjy deliver an explosive genre-contorting joint album with It’s Too Quiet..’!! featuring 17 tracks that tee up a defining moment for their city’s contemporary scene, a feat that may give Jerome Simpson’s flip into the endzone a real run for its money. The eclectic project showcases the pair’s palpable chemistry and limitless sonic range that’s lifted to new heights via stellar production from industry greats ranging from Harry Fraud, HiTech, to Tony Seltzer, among others. Throughout the project, the storied duo seamlessly weaves in and out of a broad collection of genres with memorable moments of Ghettotech, Trap, Hip Hop, and R&B in ways that only Siifu and Benjy could make sense out of. 

I was first introduced to Siifu back in 2018 through his texture-driven project ensley, which stands tall as one of the defining projects that spearheaded the sound that birthed the abstract-rap renaissance. Furthermore, the album was personally one of the integral moments in music for me that completely flipped how I listened to and even understood music, featuring writing and delivery that was raw and unquantized with its instrumentation, character, and feeling yet profound and focussed in its purpose. Despite the potent success in that lane of music, Siifu refused to limit himself to a single genre. As time elapsed, his sonic vocabulary continued to broaden, as did his reach, forging relationships with the finest of Cincinnati and beyond through consistently tasteful collaboration. Through this, the GKFAM collective was birthed, featuring himself, Peso Gordon, VonBeezy, and Benjy. During this time, an incomparable collaborative partnership was fostered between Benjy and Siifu, notably on Siifu’s GUMBO’! with their track “BRAVO’!” that set the tone for what was to come with the 2023 Halloween release of IT’S TOO QUIET..’!!.

Photo Courtesy of Lannell Swoope

Seldom stagnant, the 4D-presenting project delivers out-of-body moments with stand-out tracks like “Jeff Hamilton..’!!” and “What Eye Became..’!!” that are cleverly tethered back to reality by the duo and co’s heady raps on cuts like “Velvet Room..’!!” and “SWAMP..’!!” where their charisma tangibly seeps through their emotionally porous pen and deliveries. When dissecting the album, it’s simply impossible to corner it into a single sound, feeling, or genre. Yet, it inexplicably holds its own as a cohesive project in the form of a musical mosaic that clearly profiles the personality and nature of the duo like no write-up or interview ever could.

In all, the pair’s brow-furrowing flows and expansive sounds intertwine to create one of the most exciting and boundary-pushing albums of the year. 

Tap in with Pink Siifu and Turich Benjy’s new album, It’s Too Quiet..’!! using the link below!


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