It’s Me – [Taleban Dooda]

I have had Taleban Dooda on my radar for quite some time at this point, but it wasn’t until recently that I feel like he really transcended the local Florida scene and made a case as to why he is the next one up out of the southern rap hub. To clarify, I know that he has been making waves for years across the country, but I think his latest mixtape White Chalk & Yellow Tape is exactly what he needed to be considered in the upper echelon of Florida’s music scene, and it’s a project that I’ve been bumping regularly since it came out just a couple of weeks ago.

It’s honestly amazing that with only 8 songs lasting around 20 minutes long, Dooda is able to do so much, because while his style is typically gritty, ruthless, and assertive, he displays this alongside a variety of other, playful styles that demonstrate his dexterity and adaptability on any instrumental given to him.

While I have always paid attention to him, I don’t know if I ever actually played his music on repeat the way I have with the majority of the records off of this effort, and “It’s Me” is certainly one of my go-to tracks. Thankfully, COTTOOVERDIDIT linked up with the Florida phenom to shoot a music video that actually dropped alongside the tape, and even though I’m a little late to the party, I didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

This visual embodies the aggressive confidence that Dooda exudes throughout the song, and considering he’s one of the most animated and excitable emcees in the south, you get a first-hand account of everything he brings to the table. Despite simplistic scenes that are brought to new heights thanks to Dooda’s personality and charm, the transitions and effects incorporated throughout make this one as memorable as I could’ve hoped for, so it’s certainly not something you’ll want to overlook if you’re a fan of the Tampa native, as you should be.