ITS JUST ME – [Diiiiiesel]

Although his name might be a little out there, Diiiiiesel is an artist that has been grinding in the industry for quite a few years. After producing for the better part of a decade, he decided to incorporate some vocals, and if we know anything about rapper/producers, it’s the fact that they are able to create the exact sonic landscape that they have in mind and they don’t have to trust anyone else to give them beats that fit well with their vocals. Even though he can be quite elusive and doesn’t drop music very often, that just makes the music he releases even better because you know he puts his all into his craft and doesn’t release things until they’re 100% ready.

Most recently, he decided to drop a 3 song EP entitled ITS JUST ME, and after giving it one listen all the way through already, I couldn’t help but write about it. Opening up with “I CANT DO NUN FOR YA”, his production is lighthearted, airy, and dream-like as he utilizes a plug-style beat that sounds like it’s right out of the world of a Nintendo game, and that’s just the beginning. As he moves on throughout this record, his vocals just roll off of his tongue effortlessly, sometimes sounding as if he’s recording in his sleep in the best possible way. His voice is just so angelic and easygoing that it’s impossible not to vibe out along with him while listening to this very strong opening record.

The middle track is called “melatonin” which incorporates more upbeat, carefree synths alongside crisp, cheery percussive elements and deep, pungent 808s that come together for an instrumental that is probably my personal favorite on this short project. When he begins to sing, his vocals are definitely higher-pitched and blissful, and while he does allow certain notes to stretch out and echo off into the distance, he also shows off his versatility by including a variety of different flows that prove just how complex and diverse he can be as an artist.

Finally, to round things off on another high note, Diiiiiesel brought “painkiller” to life which includes some more blithe, cheerful instruments that come together for an additional joyful beat that he has proven he thrives on already when looking at the previous two records on this EP. Instead of going with the same type of vocals, he resorts to a bit crushed style that features a filter that digitizes and alters his actual voice. While this is nothing new to his sonic world, it provides some much-appreciated differentiation and shows us that he’s not one to stay in his comfort zone as he constantly pushes his boundaries and proves himself to be an inventive and obviously talented artist.

This 3 song EP is definitely something that Diiiiiesel can and should be proud of, and even though I don’t think my words can quite do it justice, I’m beyond happy that it’s in our hands because it’s a project I’m definitely going to be replaying time and time again moving forward. After taking a look back at his discography, it’s obvious that he doesn’t like to box himself into one category, instead pushing himself to try new things and see what works best for him. At the end of the day, though, it’s clear that pretty much everything he has put out really does work, and he’s got something in his musical arsenal for everyone, making him an artist you really need to get in tune with. With that being said, Diiiiiesel is on the come up and he’s not going to wait for you to get on board, so don’t miss your opportunity to tap in with one of the greatest hidden gems in the underground. ITS JUST ME is the perfect place to start, making it an EP that you absolutely need to check out sooner than later.