It’s Always A Time Like This – [defprez]

Chicago is so vastly unique in many different ways, but music is what stands out to me most of all. This might not come as a surprise considering I’ve been covering music for more than 4 years and always try my best to highlight the local scene. Homegrown label Closed Sessions is one of the first places I look to for unbelievable artists, and they never fail to impress me with the emcees they discover and help out.

Most recently, they worked with Windy City trio defprez on their latest album It’s Always A Time Like This, and although this is my first time really sitting down and experiencing their art, I was seriously blown away! While the two emcees of the group, CRASHprez and Defcee, might share the story of their latest effort, producer knowsthetime does an immaculate job of giving them a clean slate that brings something new and unique out of both vocalists on each and every record. While the bulk of these 10 songs are easygoing and velvety, there are undeniably memorable moments of high energy and expression.

Regardless of each track’s overall aesthetic, they all have one thing in common that stands above everything else: BARS. These lyricists can go toe to toe with anyone in the city, spitting masterful flows filled with interesting wordplay and all-out creativity along the way. In all honesty, there isn’t quite anything that’s inherently flashy about any of the musicians in defprez. That’s not their MO, though. Instead, they seem to just go to work, trusting in their individual skill sets, knowing that whatever they piece together is going to turn out just how they envisioned.

It’s truthfully quite remarkable because all three members of this operation make it seem as if they’re on the exact same page, never trying to compete with one another. Instead, they are clearly working towards the same cohesive end goal and the result is It’s Always A Time Like This. All it takes to see exactly the kind of enthralling talent that these musicians possess is about 24 minutes, the runtime of their latest project, and I suggest you get to listening ASAP so you don’t miss out any longer!