Its All On U – [Icewear Vezzo] ft. [Kodak Black]

It seems like the music scene in Detroit had barely gotten its feet off the ground before Icewear Vezzo completely took off, but after hearing a handful of his songs, it’s abundantly clear why he has become so ridiculously successful. His skill set is diverse, his work ethic is unmatched, and he has this personality that you can’t ignore even if rap music isn’t really your thing in general.

Whether he’s dropping entire projects, singles, or even being featured on other artists’ songs, he is literally everywhere, and due to the fact that he always works with different emcees with various styles, it shows just how adaptable he is, and he proves that every chance he gets. I know I already mentioned it once, but his work ethic is seriously insane, and even though he isn’t even a month removed from dropping his latest album Rich Off Pints 3, he is back with a brand-new Antt Beatz-produced single entitled “Its All On U” featuring none other than Kodak Black, as well as a Kardiak Films-directed visual that brings out his entire city once again.

In this one, prominent horns shape the melody as splintering percussion and pounding drums paint the rest of the picture, but Vezzo doesn’t show off just any ordinary skills. Instead, he utilizes yet another cadence that I’ve never heard from anyone before, but like he normally does, he recites this flow so effortlessly that you might not even think it’s a big deal when in actuality, it blows my mind.

You can say what you will about Kodak, but he is absolutely insane when it comes to his verse on this record. His delivery is so commanding but also playful at the same time as he takes things over in stride and dives into a slew of individualistic lines that are simply too good to overlook even slightly. Icewear Vezzo is an all-out monster, and when you pair him with a super gremlin like Kodak, there is certainly no way this song could ever flop.