It’s A Risk – [Anthony Russo]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with the release of his newest single titled “It’s A Risk”, Anthony Russo continues to impress with his undeniable talent. After touring with G-Eazy earlier this year, Russo has been consistently releasing records that find fans stunned and wanting more from the rising artist. With the help of Jamil “Digi” Chammas and Justin Lucas on the bouncy production, Anthony generates an astounding ambience throughout this track with the power of his passionate vocals and relatable lyrics. He told us that “this is one of my favorite records lyrically because I think it’s so relatable to young people. From teenagers to college kids and vice versa. I feel like a lot of us are a bit lost and searching for the part of life that sets a fire in us, most of the time placing lies beyond the vast unknown. For me, taking the first step into that unknown was what led me to where I am today. It’s scary… but rewarding”. Anthony will also be joining Chelsea Cutler on the US side of her World Tour (Part II) starting in February 2019. Be sure to give “It’s A Risk” a listen below and follow Anthony Russo on Instagram and Twitter!