It’ll Be Fine – [Chase Shakur]

Atlanta is pretty much the only place you really need to go for ingenuity in hip-hop music, but that shouldn’t surprise most people. I mean, obviously other hubs like New York City, Los Angeles, and even here in Chicago are all places that you can expect the hear insanely good music from a variety of different artists, but at least with regards to the former two cities, there is a trademark style that most emcees seem to stick with rather than venturing off the beaten path.

In Atlanta, though, you can just look at the infinite list of spitters who possess skills in everything from lyrical, deep music to trap bangers that will cause your speakers to blow even at lower volumes. Regardless, it’s not necessarily a place that’s known for R&B, but with so many world-renown rappers receiving praise, it should surprise no one that there are some very popular singers from the area as well.

While crooners like 6LACK, Ciara, Summer Walker, and many others call the ATL home, I always try and find people who are still on the come-up, and Chase Shakur is definitely someone you’re going to want to get in tune with. Sure, R&B might not be my go-to genre, but I respect the hell out of these musicians because they can do things with their voices that I can’t even dream of, and Chase’s latest project It’ll Be Fine is the best starting point to familiarize yourself with everything he brings to the table.

Throughout 9 songs that span almost 25 minutes long, he shows off every single skill. He has in his repertoire, and he seems to seriously leave it all out on the table. His range is immaculate, but I love the way that he rotates between songs that are either a little more lively or fairly bare bones, proving that whether the instrumental is busy or pretty minimalistic, his voice is going to shine bright in any scenario. I definitely can’t wait to listen to some of his other music as time goes on, but now that Chase Shakur is on my radar, there is no more overlooking the prominent up-and-comer whatsoever.