issues – [Baby Keem]

I don’t live by many rules when it comes to writing, but one of my few guidelines is that whenever Baby Keem drops something new, I write about it as soon as I can unless someone else already has. So, when I found out that he was releasing his long-awaited debut album the melodic blue late last night, I had trouble sleeping all week because of exactly how excited I was. It was already clear to me and so many others that Baby Keem was a star and considering he didn’t even have an actual album out yet, I knew this project was going to level him up exponentially, and he didn’t disappoint.

I didn’t feel right writing about the album without listening through it at least a few times and truly diving into all of its intricacies, but that’s why I had no choice but to write about the incredible new Jake Schreier-directed music video for his song “issues” off of the project. This was undeniably one of my favorite records on the album after my first listen and considering Keem doesn’t even come close to disappointing with his music videos, I couldn’t wait to check it out. As it opens, Keem is taking a leisurely bike ride through a barren desert at dusk, looking like he’s not in a hurry to get to his destination but also not giving any hints as to what his destination might be, either.

Soon after, a helicopter begins to trail him, shining a spotlight on the terrain looking to spot the artists on his bike. After evading the spotlight, for the most part, we arrive at a parked car and a streetlight that he cruises past before stopping, getting off of his bike, and walking up to a singular door that has nothing but more desert behind it. When he arrives, he stops, puts his hand on the doorknob, and waits, contemplating the thought of entering or not. A few seconds later, he goes back on his initial plan, walking away from the entrance and past his bike off into the distance, letting the spotlight of the helicopter lead him away as the visual closes abruptly.

I’ve never been let down by a Baby Keem music video and this one is nothing short of incredible once again. The abstract nature of his visuals always makes my mind wander and speculate, and that’s the main reason why I have such high admiration for the California phenom. The album is even better than I expected as well, and I truly can’t wait to continue diving into the rest of it as time progresses because I know it’s a project that I won’t get tired of anytime soon, if ever.

Baby Keem is a wordsmith, a visionary, and a problem when he gets behind the mic, and if you’ve somehow never believed this before, the melodic blue should be the epiphany you needed. So, make sure you carve some time out of your busy schedule to check out this masterpiece of an album, and when you realize you can’t get enough, the music video for “issues” is there to keep the momentum going as Baby Keem cements his spot in the very diverse and constantly changing landscape that is rap music.