Isolation – [Jite]

If you’re a true fan of music, then you certainly know that there is no better feeling than finding an artist early on in their career and being able to show your friends their music for the very first time. Oftentimes, people will wear that as a badge of honor of sorts, being able to feel included in an artist’s journey from the very beginning, it simply makes the listener feel special, a friend group A&R if you will. Well, if this sounds anything like you, get prepared to watch this brand-new music video for “Isolation” by an artist named Jite. This music video was very well-shot and aesthetically pleasing with the color palette that they utilized and the beautiful wide-angle shots that showed the sky interesting with the landscape. I always love to see how newer artists begin to roll out their material and market themselves, and I have a great feeling that Jite is going to do very well. Check out this brand-new music video below!