Ishmael Raps?

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Have you ever heard of Ishmael Raps? The 18 year old emcee based out of Rochester, New York is on the rise.  Back in June, Raps released his debut video, “CAMO, off of his debut mix tape, “Gallery“, which will be releasing in the near future. Ishmael has came a long way since then, he’s racked up thousands of views, and has established a fan base.
(Interview Questions Below)
 [When did you know you wanted to start rapping?]

Around 12 or 13. My bro Thomas and I used to write raps for fun in elementary school. Then I like…started to rap for everyone on the bus, which like became a regular thing. My cousins (who were rappers) told me I was tight, so I felt that if they said I was tight, everyone else would think I was, so rap sort of just stuck with me.

 [Has there been any cool experiences you’d like to mention since you’ve began making music?]

Haha Yeah. The few times people have came up to me saying, “Dude, are you Ishmael Raps?!”  Makes me feel like I’m doing something right, you know? And when I crossed the stage during graduation, like…all the faculty shook my hand a little bit longer and told me how much they believed in me. I don’t know bro, small things like that inspire me.

[Some things you’ve noticed since the release of the CAMO video?]

A lot of people don’t believe in your vision(s) until they see your numbers rapidly increase.

[An artist you’d like to work with?]

Matt Martians.

[What’s the rap scene like out in NY?]

Like Rochester, NY? Man…it’s hella sus out here bruh. Rochesterians don’t really support each other. Especially if you rap. Everyone raps here. Everyone. And a huge percentage of that rap promotes violence 100% of the time or is just trash, haha. Don’t get me wrong though, Rochester has some great artists.

[I’ve heard word of you wanting to release a clothing line?]

Yeah man. “MANTRA
My brother Donny Murakami and I have been working on designs for some time now. A lookbook should be released soon.

[What should people expect from Gallery?]

An introduction to RAPS. I made CAMO for attention to be honest. Gallery will sound a lot different.

[Where do you see yourself in 5 years?]

A very popular 23 year old with wealth in the mind and pocket.

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