Ipanema – [Still Woozy] ft. [Omar Apollo] [Elujay]

Especially since I saw him in concert a few months ago, I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off of all the magic that Still Woozy has been blessing us with as of late. Not only is he eccentric in the most refreshing of ways, but the quality of his music never drops, marking just two of many reasons why the music world is so anxiously anticipating his forthcoming EP, Lately, due for release on May 8th. Today, Woozy is here to hit our pages with a dream team collaboration entitled “Ipanema” alongside Elujay and Omar Apollo.

Throwing these three star-bound names together, I was deeply confident that “Ipanema” would be a special one, but it’s always difficult to live up to so much excitement and such high expectations. However, Woozy and the two guests on this track absolutely killed it, letting loose a feel-good track for the summer that perfectly expresses the magic of love, especially when the subject of the song loves you like you’re “six feet underneath the ground.”

In addition to the heart-warming, love-minded deliveries and the lush production on “Ipanema,” the guest spots are what helps bring this track full circle and make it as wonderful as it is. Between Elujay’s dreamy vocals and Omar Apollo’s Spanish guest spot, I truly don’t think there exists a better three artists to have on a song together, period. “Ipanema” works in every way imaginable, and I hold no hesitation in saying that I’ll be listening to this one all summer long.

That said, enjoy “Ipanema” below and prepare yourself for Woozy’s debut EP!