Ion Know – [Lil Moe]

Lil Moe is a teenage rapper that’s based out of Chicago that’s been taking the scene by storm. I know I say this every other month but I think it’s amazing how far advanced these teenagers are with creating and structuring music. Lil Moe is a 15-year old whose videos are unfiltered and depict his life on the streets, and are garnering millions of views across YouTube. On “Ion Know,” Moe flexes on his ops with the city as his backdrop, while establishing himself as the next big thing in the Chicago rap scene. Moe embraces the Chicago winter with war-ready verses over a thumping melancholic drill beat with his homies. He’s a visuals artist as the majority of his traffic derives from his YouTube drops, but once this success transfers over to the DSPs you could see Moe skyrocket in popularity.

Watch Lil Moe’s new music video for “Ion Know” and give your opinion after the break.