Involved – [Coi Leray]

Versatility is truly a key in the music industry that, when done right, can unlock an entire career full of opportunities and accomplishments. I don’t necessarily expect every single artist in the world to be able to do everything, and usually, they have one specific skill that is better than the rest, but as long as I hear them honestly attempting to try something new or think outside of the box about what else they can bring to the table, I can never hate on their grind or efforts.

Coi Leray is an artist who has had so much buzz surrounding her music for quite some time now, but the sheer diversity of her style is more than enough to appeal to fans of all different kinds. Full transparency, I am not the biggest fan of the songs she puts out that are full of attitude, hard instrumentals, and rap lines, but I won’t knock them either because she has climbed the ladder of success with records closer to that vibe, so I will always give her the praise she deserves, even if not every single song is right up my alley.

On the heels of her album Trendsetter that dropped in April, Coi is back with a brand-new record entitled “Involved” which was produced by Aquil Jackson, KVRIM, Yonatan Watts, and theblklts, and this one is without a doubt the side of her aptitudes that I personally prefer. The instrumental is soft and distant, but there are certain features that come into play in order to step up the energy, and there isn’t a single moment that falls flat when looking at Coi’s contributions.

She is much more tuneful in this track and some of her other, rap-forward releases, and the way she swings her voice while remaining so calm and even-keeled completely displays her control and command once again. While this was a style that she kept revisiting throughout her album, it is definitely the sound that also seems to show Coi at her best, so I highly recommend you tap in with her latest single “Involved” if you’re a fan of the. New Jersey-born emcee.