Intrusive – [Rico Nasty]

Whenever an artist decides to cut all the facades and disguises in order to reveal who they truly are, that is when I truly believe they make the best music. I just feel like so many people feel like they have to put on a front and be someone they’re not in order to get plays, views, and amass a following, but the only time music ever seems to actually turn out good is when they’re themselves.

Rico Nasty is someone who has been herself ever since the beginning, and while outsiders might see her wild style and intriguing fashion sense as a disguise from who she really is, you can tell that her sound and personality can’t be fabricated, and it appears as if the Rico you see is going to be the same whether she’s on stage or in an interview or just hanging out behind closed doors. With the announcement of her upcoming project La Ruinas, there was bound to be some new music, and even though I’m a little late to her most recent Ben10k and Danes Blood-produced record “Intrusive”, I was definitely blown away by the experimental genre-bending track.

Alongside the song came a Marco Alexander-directed music video that is trippy, exuberant, and as vibrant as Rico herself is, and it opens with a few touching words of appreciation for the loving people that surround her which is something that I think more emcees need to do because without them, so many artists wouldn’t be in the same position they are today.

It also expresses the fact that there was literally zero budget for the video, but once you actually watch the entire thing, you would have no idea, and this video just goes to show that you don’t need millions of dollars for a budget when you have a team of creatives who see your vision and the talents to bring that visualization to life. Rico Nasty is one of the only people out right now that I firmly believe marches to the beat of her own drum, and I don’t think that will ever change even slightly, so make sure to show some love to her latest single “intrusive” as soon as possible.