Intimidated – [Kaytranada]

Although it might not be the typical type of music I tend to listen to, Kaytranada is one of my all-time favorite producers, and that’s not a difficult thing for me to say at all. He just always knows how to get the vibes right no matter where you’re at. Whether you’re in a club, at a party, cruising down the road in your car, or hanging out with a group of friends, his music is upbeat enough to want to party, but also low-key enough to just bob your head to as you immerse yourself into the music.

Not a day goes by where I don’t listen to a song produced by him, whether it’s an original track put out by him or another song that was released by another artist, he always knows how to bring out the best in the singers and rappers he works with, and his latest EP Intimidated is no different. With just 3 songs that clock in just short of 10 minutes long, this project is a nice little gift that will have your speakers bumping before your very eyes.

The first track is the title song called “Intimidated” and features H.E.R., a singer who I’ve heard before but don’t know much about in all honesty. In this one, it seems like as the bassline continues on and the 808s begin to pump, her soothing, soft voice grows in power, never getting too impassioned but delivering us with the perfect relaxing bounce that gets things started off on the right foot.

In the middle track “Be Careful”, Kaytra recruits one of my favorite musicians out right now in Thundercat, and this duo is a combination that I definitely need to hear more of moving forward. This record seems to be even more lowkey, with a groovy yet almost mysterious instrumental that combines incredibly well with Thundercat’s high-pitched vocals that seem to float over Kaytranada’s production.

Finally, we arrive at the last song in what seems to be the blink of an eye, this one called “$payforhaiti” which features Mach-Hommy, an artist I’ve never heard of before, to be honest. This track brings me back to some of the earlier days of his production, incorporating some high-pitched synths with smooth piano keys and chattering percussive elements.

Mach impressed me as well, because his deep voice is just so charming and suave, and even though I believe he might be speaking a different language at times, the feel of the song is just straight up marvelous, rounding out this short project perfectly. Kaytranada will always have a fan in me as long as he continues on the trajectory that he’s on, and Intimidated just gives me three more songs to vibe out to on a daily basis, making it a project you need in your life as soon as you find some time to tune in.