Interxeller – [Lil Xelly]

If you asked me a few years ago if I’d get to call some of the people I’ve met throughout the music industry my friends, I would say you’re crazy. About a half-decade ago, there was a handful of underground icons whom I listened to so often, others might’ve thought it was my job, but I was just so encapsulated by how different they were when comparing them to the majority of the mainstream artists that were receiving all the attention that I simply couldn’t go what seemed like even an hour without listening to a song or two. Some of these artists included names like Tommy Ice, Kevin Kazi, 909Memphis, BBY GOYARD, and so many others that I can’t name otherwise this sentence would go on for eternity.

Ever since, I have had the pleasure of not only watching these individuals grow as musicians, but I also get to call the majority of them homies, and that’s something I’ll forever be grateful for. Out of all of these names, Lil Xelly is someone I not only consider a friend, but someone I truly and firmly believe has the potential to go extremely far in his career, and I just think the rest of the world needs to wake up and show him some respect for the gift of music that he possesses. Back in the days that I previously mentioned, Xelly was putting out more music in a week than most of the mainstream artists combined would put out in a year, and it was all incredible in its own right.

Even though he might’ve slowed down a bit since then, the quality of his releases has skyrocketed on so many different levels. At the same time, I should mention, when I say he has slowed down, I would be remised if I didn’t mention that he is still putting out more music than your current favorite artist, and that output is never going to dwindle for even a second. I mention all of this because Xelly decided to bless fans once again with a quick 6 track project entitled Interxeller which clearly boasts a spin on his own name much like most of his other projects have in the past.

In this one, thanks to producers like elijahwho, justin shiro, PoloBoyShawty, jayPluggz, Milanezie, and Dolo2k, Xelly is given so many diverse sounds to play with that he is able to unleash a countless variety of deliveries, personalities, and cadences, each of which is more captivating than the last. When it comes to Lil Xelly, I could write for days even when it comes to the simplest of songs, but his music is best consumed on an individualistic and person-to-person basis.

Due to this, even though I want to go into much greater detail with regards to the captivating project that is Interxeller, you simply need to hear it for yourself in order to fully understand exactly the kind of complexity and adaptiveness Xelly truly possesses within himself, making it an absolutely mandatory listen for any music listeners whether you’re hip to the Maryland phenom already or not.