Interstellar – [Monte Booker] ft. [Bari]

Stained with St. Louis soul and an endlessly captivating voice, Bari is one of my favorite artists coming out of STL’s flourishing music scene right now. Ever since his guest spot on Smino’s “Z4L” and “Summer Salt“, I haven’t been able to stop delving into the world of the budding star, and today, marking one of 2019’s most exciting collaborations to date, Bari is here on Lyrical Lemonade alongside Monte Booker with a brand new single entitled “Interstellar”.

While I certainly didn’t see this joining of forces coming, it makes perfect sense that the eclectic, complex worlds of Booker’s otherworldly production and Bari’s southern charm would mix at one point or another. Bari’s effortless deliveries and STL-induced hymns are the result of a strong sense of artistic identity that few artists achieve in such a cohesive fashion, and likewise, Booker’s eccentric production style is as individualistic as it gets (mainly because he’s on an entirely different level than the rest of the game). Resulting from this collaboration, we receive a starry-eyed new single that perfectly soundtracks the beauty of both artists involved, and for that, we need to appreciate this one.

Tracks like “Interstellar” don’t come around every day, especially with a complementary house mix for the party-minded listeners out there. Stream “Interstellar” and its house remix below and keep an eye on St. Louis this year — with Bari and Smino amongst the leaders of the pack, 2019 is going to be huge for STL!

Vocals Mixed by Elton “L10MixedIt” Chueng
Mixed & Mastered by Christopher Inumerable
Artwork by Lossapardo