Internet Child – [Manwolves] ft. [Ruby Laporta]

One of my favorite groups of all time is Kids These Days. Sadly, the Chicago group is no longer together, with members like Vic Mensa and Nico Segal moving on to different projects, but the music still sounds as fresh as ever thanks to the heart and spirit in the music. That said, though the music is a little different, I get similar vibes from Manwolves’ fantastic new effort, “Internet Child.”

Where Kids These Days ventured more into hip-hop, Manwolves stay more in the rock/alternative realm, but that free, energetic spirit that made me fall in love with KTD is the same, and so is that “big” feel. Though only a six-person band (seven if you include Ruby Laporta’s assistance in the vocal department), you could swear Manwolves had 12 members thanks to the array of horns, a big chorus, and some crashing drums, all of which blend together so well (particularly towards the culmination of the song) to create a big sound brimming with life and energy.
“Internet Child” is a fantastic addition to their lengthy catalog of soul-stricken music, so check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!