intermission – [ka$hdami]

It seems like every single day, the landscape of hip-hop music gets younger and younger, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Even though many artists may be in their teenage years, this doesn’t mean that they lack life experience within their music, but rather they have this youthful, interesting new take on the genre and breathe new life into the industry more than anyone else ever could.

As far as DMV rapper ka$hdami is concerned, he has been rapidly rising through the ranks of the music industry despite his young age of 17, and after receiving many co-signs from publications like Pitchfork, Pigeons & Planes, XXL, and of course Lyrical Lemonade, as well as other endorsements from Internet Money, Trippie Redd, Lil Tecca, and countless others, it’s clear that he is going nowhere but up, and I couldn’t be more excited for the future of his booming career.

Dami’s sound is as unique as it gets, mixing dark, menacing sounds with his slightly more uplifting, lighthearted style, and this is as captivating as ever in his brand-new single entitled “intermission”. Alongside this new track comes another unbelievable music video directed by 1karlwithaK and NickWelchProductions, and it’s a visual you need to see to truly appreciate. Opening up with tons of blurry, undefined shots, a plane seems to crash in the distance of the scene, sending a plume of fire and smoke into the air.

Once Dami goes in, he can be found right in the middle of this destructive scene, showing off his confidence and swagger unlike anyone else. While the rest of this video might be fairly simplistic in nature considering he just vibes out around the crash site, so many different effects, vibrant colors, and edited in fire combine for a video that’s truly out of this world. Dami isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and while fans wait for his highly-anticipated project HYPERNOVA to be in our hands soon, “intermission” is a song and music video that you need to see for yourself as soon as you get the chance.