Insomnia-[Daniel Allan] with [Jake Neumar]

When it comes to producers, it’s a known fact that they don’t get nearly as much credit as they deserve. Some of your favorite music started off as an idea…an idea that was breathed to life by the talented beat makers behind it. Today, I’m excited to bring to light a talented producer who has been performing at a high level ever since stepping on the scene a couple of years ago.

If you haven’t heard of Daniel Allan yet, it’s a blessing to introduce you all to a dynamic talent who continues to get better as time goes on. I was first introduced to the up and comer back in 2019 when he dropped his first track, “Carry On”. Pretty quickly, the song started gaining momentum which resulted in many listeners gravitating towards his groovy stylistic approach. Like I said, his music just keeps getting better and this song he just dropped is perfect evidence of that fact.

“Insomnia” is the very first track that Daniel has dropped under his new partner CloudKid and it doesn’t disappoint whatsoever. The 2 and a half minute offering that features stellar vocalist, Jake Neumar might be one of my favorite songs of the year so far. I was able to grab a quote from Daniel about the new song and he noted that,

“This song is about the anxiety surrounding a new relationship. The song describes the state of mind you find yourself in after meeting someone you want to get to know better – constantly overthinking. Second guessing. Worrying about messing things up to the point where you stay up all night running through different hypothetical situations…this is something that’s happened to me before, and I know many people will be able to relate”

I’m such a huge fan of Daniel Allan and his music. “Insomnia” is just an amazing song that needs to be heard on this beautiful Wednesday. I’ve attached the Spotify link down belo. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.