Influenced – [Goody]

The creativity that is just oozing out of Chicago is never something that I could ever overlook, and it is one of the many fantastic reasons why I am proud to call this place home. The most notable creatives here are more than likely the musicians who are putting on for the Windy City and proving why they’re some of the best in the game, but there is much more to Chi-Town than music. Whether it’s physical artists, fashion designers, or people in any other artistic lane, no one can do it like Chicagoans can, and we prove that every single day.

Ron Louis is a fashion designer, creative/art director, stylist, creative consultant, and influencer from this great metropolis who has done some amazing work that includes securing placements with the late, great Virgil Abloh as well as Gunna, G Herbo, Dreezy, Summer Walker and more. Beyond this, he has also styled icons like Pusha T, Lucki, and Valee, amongst others, and has partnered or collaborated with top brands such as Nike, Champs Sports, Dior, Jameson, the MLB, Jordan, and a continuous list that keeps on growing. After building a strong relationship with Supply Locale, selling out his immaculate glacier AF1’s in both America and Japan, being mentored by Virgil Abloh, and designing for musicians of all kinds, he is gearing up for his next venture which comes in the form of his R/L sketch T-shirt produced by Supply Locale which is set to release next week.

Now, I know this is a lot of information that isn’t particularly up-front with regards to music, but I wanted to preface all of this because he was the creative director behind local legend Goody’s latest music video for his song “Influenced”, and when you see how clean and well put-together this miniature movie turned out, you’ll know exactly who the man with the vision was. Of course, this video wouldn’t have been possible without impeccable direction from 3AMedia and Goody himself, and the song wouldn’t have been quite as remarkable without the Dom J and Solo production.

In the song, Goody’s smooth, unwavering, and articulate flows are as dominant as it gets, and the swagger that he exudes carries seamlessly into the visual. This one seems to have a somewhat retro-inspired feel, which makes sense because of the old-school soul sample used in the record’s production, and every single facet of this flick is implemented extraordinarily well. From the old family photos to the vintage cars shown throughout, viewers are taken back to a previous decade where flashy chains and half-naked women weren’t the focal points of a video, and Goody truly carries the torch as the main focus without being eclipsed by any of his surroundings at any given time.

After reaching out about this release, Goody provided this statement to further expand on the nuances of the video:

“’Influenced’, the first single from my debut album Charles, pays homage to all the influential people and experiences in my life. The video is directed by 3AMedia & myself, while creative directed by Chicago’s own, Ron Louis who referenced Kanye’s ‘Through the Wire’. Showcasing more than my artistry, my partnership with the luxury brand Coach is on full display throughout the video.”

Now, his skillset speaks for itself after experiencing this track first-hand, but when you already have a partnership with a world-renowned brand like Coach as well as a team of such imaginative, forward-thinking individuals surrounding you, I think it’s safe to say that the recipe for success doesn’t get much more complete than this. Goody might be slightly new on my personal radar, but he is making major moves early on in his budding career, and I am beyond excited to see what else he puts out prior to the release of his upcoming debut album!

Photo Credit: Victor J. Reed