Industry’s Unaccepted – [BBKnight]

Las Vegas rapper BBKnight recently unloaded his latest mixtape Industry’s Unaccepted which is after just one listen by far my favorite release yet from the artist who is at the forefront of the scene in his region and an underground fixture in his own right. I enjoyed this project quite a bit and the production was quite a bright spot for me in particular. The “Crunch Time” instrumental is a classic ‘plug’ beat that damn near gave me nostalgia for a time when that sound was not only the latest fad but also at the forefront of production sensibilities. “Buss It Down” is a melodic track featuring Riverside, CA rapper HOOK who trades in her usual bellicose flow for a sing-songy delivery that reveals more of her sensitive side. My favorite beat on Industry’s Unaccepted is easily “Going GAGA” that blends together a melancholic electric guitar melody with skittering hi-hats and BBKnight slid on this track with his unique autotuned flow. He recruited BIGBABYGUCCI for the only other feature on the project and surprisingly enough this pair hopped on a drill beat but surprisingly both sounded perfectly at home amidst the sliding 808s. I really liked this tape and I am excited to see what else BBKnight has in store this year.