In Yo Face – [BEAR1BOSS] & [Matt Ox]

Whether you realize it or not, the foundation of all rap music is the underground scene that exists in the shadows of the industry, and without the underground, some of the biggest names in the genre probably wouldn’t exist. These up-and-comers set the precedent for new sounds and unique innovations within the sonic landscape of the music business, and without them, music wouldn’t be pushed forward into a new and exciting direction, at least in my opinion.

Two underground icons that need respect on their names are BEAR1BOSS and Matt Ox, two individuals who were doing their own individualistic things way before anyone thought it was cool to be different. Even though they might’ve been looked at as oddballs or misfits at first, they’re now praised for their contribution to the scene, and they are certified legends in my book.

They’re not new to working together or collaborating by any means, but when I saw that they recently teamed up for their cut “In Yo Face” as well as an L$D Films-directed music video, I instantly headed to YouTube to get in on the fun. BEAR clearly has a way with words in the hook, because although it might not be the most intricate chorus, his joy and charisma are just infectious to the point of his voice getting stuck in your head for the rest of the day after listening, and this addictiveness continues effortlessly into his verse.

When Matt comes in for the second verse, he definitely has a bit less of a cartoonish vibe to his delivery because it’s just not his natural style, but what he lacks in that same bubbliness, he makes up for in enthralling cadences and diverse flows. These two talents are absolute stars in their own right in my book, and I am always appreciative when they drop songs separately, so you can only imagine my excitement when I saw they teamed up once again for “In Yo Face” and finally tuned in.