in visions – [Alé Araya]

I’ve watched a lot of project rollouts from up-and-coming artists that lack intent and fall short of the music that they’re creating, however, I’ve also seen some artists go above and beyond with the way that they present their project and those calculated efforts have gone a very long way. One artist who continues to inspire us and is a prime example of the latter is Chilean singer, songwriter, and producer, Alé Araya, who has absolutely blown us music fans away with her exceptional new EP, “in visions”. Released last Friday on March 24th, “in visions” is a sonic journey through the mind of Alé where she experiences both loss and empowerment that she feels post-loss. A blend of many different influences from R&B and jazz to electronic and pop music, Araya finds unconventional paths to blur genre boundaries on “in visions” in a way that I’ve yet to see from just about any rising artist recently. While her previously released record, “treetops”, is one of my favorite tunes of 2022, I have to say that “Endless Sky (feat. greek)” and “Midnight Gospel (feat. Joseph Chilliams)” give the record a run for its money and that should be taken as no slight to “treetops” – all of these songs are worthy of a jaw dropping response. In addition to these efforts, the other two new additions to her released catalog, “rivers (demo)” and “Con Razón”, are deserving of an ample amount of love as well, as they respectively open and close out the 8-page chapter that is “in visions” in the most thoughtful and intentional way possible.