IN THIS – [FLEE] x [Cash Cobain]

I’m still early to NY emcee FLEE, but this joint may have solidified me as a returning listener. “In This” by FLEE, Cash Cobain, and producer Natt Carlos is a fusion of gritty drill rap and ethereal production that makes an undeniable impact. Serving as a teaser for FLEE’s upcoming album “GHOST,” the track immediately hooks listeners with its entrancing melody and hypnotic drum patterns. FLEE’s whisper-voiced hook adds dimension to the already omniscient feeling it gives off – and Cash Cobain’s skillful assist only adds depth to the sound. Natt Carlos’ masterful production, marked by entrancing keys and a hard-hitting drum pattern, complements the twos’ delivery perfectly. The result is a track that somehow balances raw drill energy and entrancing/dreamy sound.

FLEE showcases his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries while staying true to his roots. The track’s magnetic tempo and energy are bound to set get the clubs jumping for the tri-state area and beyond. FLEE’s willingness to explore a new style pays off, though his lyrical talents remain at the forefront. This collaboration with Cash Cobain and Natt Carlos solidifies FLEE’s status as an emerging force in the hip-hop scene and leaves a lasting anticipation for what his upcoming work will bring to the table.

Stream “IN THIS” below!