In These Streets – [Puku]

Returning to the Lyrical Lemonade platform with his second single release of the year, the Miami-native Puku is back with yet another certified banger titled “In These Streets”. This time around, Puku stays true to himself, yet still moving towards a sound that fits perfectly into the current climate of the music scene today. The steady hi-hat pattern and the Pi’erre Bourne-esque 808s blend perfectly alongside the auto-tuned crooning that Puku delivers on this record-a pocket that he definitely is no stranger to at this point in his music career.

Puku is coming fresh off of his NBA All-Star Weekend performance at the NBA Crossover event in Chicago. With the momentum that he’s been building up in just two short months into the year, rest assured he will continue to pick up steam and be right on track to transition from being the underdog to being one of raps biggest superstars. I had the chance to speak to Puku about his mindset behind his newest single, and this is his response:

“Shit changed and I’m pretty okay with that. Love ain’t too common in our era. Might as well get lit with some of the homies and live a little more freely. The second someone gets a chance to leave you for a situation that qualifies as “better”, they’ll take it cold heartedly-without having any regards to you. It ain’t no love in these streets.“

Stream Puku’s latest single “In These Streets” below!