In The End – [Hardrock]

Now that we’re officially in October – although still a bit premature – it’s worth thinking back on the albums that truly stuck out as singular, built real moments, and saw sustained attention throughout this past year. One particular project that I’d consider a lock in this conversation is Atlanta native Hardrock’s 808 Speaker Knockerz.

Although Hardrock’s name was buzzing well before the tape came out, this release marked the “I’m here to stay” moment (at least in my eyes) for one of ATL’s brightest young talents almost immediately. More music has come out since, and Hardrock has continued to build upon the 808 Speaker Knockerz blueprint in a forward-looking way, but here to officially close out a hell of a chapter for one of the year’s standout talents is a brand new music video for “In The End” — a Linkin Park-sampling standout that if you haven’t heard by now, is a must-listen when getting into Hardrock’s catalog.

True to the off-kilter nature of the production, the “In The End” music video leans into hypnotic effects and darker imagery to bring the energy of this one to life. Meanwhile, the declaratory nature of the song is echoed as Hardrock spraypaints his name onto the wall of an abandoned building. The lyric “Don’t you ever forget the name” rings out in the background, and by the end of the three-minute video, the 808 Speaker Knockerz feels perfectly tied out. Hardrock has a clear ambition in mind, and with lyrics like “In the end, I’m the one who’s gon’ come out, on top,” his growth this year is best described as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Even before 808 Speaker Knockerz, Hardrock knew he’d get here — and now that all signs point to stardom, he’s certainly moving like it.

Watch the “In The End” music video below and be on the lookout for more from Hardrock, hopefully in the near future.

Shot/ Edited by @evrywhreandnowhre
Produced by @prodzodiac