In My Head – [24kGoldn] & [Travis Barker]

When I think about some of the new era’s bonified superstars, 24kGoldn is definitely someone who pops into my mind right off the bat. He went from being a local legend on campus at USC to selling out shows all over the world, and with as vibrant of a personality and addicting of a style as he has, it doesn’t surprise me even slightly when I see new accolades accumulate for the young talent.

Although I feel like he has veered away slightly from hip-hop and rap to remain consistent with some of his more popular pop hits, I definitely won’t forget about the impressive spitting abilities he has displayed throughout his years of dominance in the genre, and I think the rest of his day one fans could say the same thing. Just a few days ago, Goldn teamed up with legendary musician Travis Barker to bring their track “In My Head” to life, and even with the track being as enjoyable as it is, the music video is what definitely brought it to new heights for me.

Directed by Goldn himself as well as Andrew Sandler, it begins with the emcee waiting outside of his girl’s house after what must’ve been a bad breakup because he is just begging and pleading for her to take him back. After the song starts, he hops in his car and zooms off to try and distract himself, but with every single turn he takes he ends up seeing mirages of her, making this situation linger even more than ever.

While there are some interesting shots, entertaining scenes, and even some vibrant animations throughout, there doesn’t seem to be a resolution for the young musician, unfortunately. At the same time, even without a happy ending, the music video for “In My Head” is not something you’re going to want to pass up if you call yourself a fan of 24kGoldn or Travis Barker.