in my guy – [The Hunnies]

Music, at its very core, is a vehicle to make emotions more fervent. Accordingly so, the ability to paint pictures in a listener’s head is perhaps its greatest power, and furthermore, something that separates the “good” songs from the “great ones”. Today, illustrating such, a duo by the name of The Hunnies is here with their latest single, “in my guy.”

Housing lines such as “I see all the colors when I’m with you” and the mantra of the song, “Heaven is too far and wide/ I can find Heaven in my guy,” this release tugs on the heart from all directions. The cover art — a California sunset, complete with a car mirror to invoke the feeling of a joy ride — romanticize the single’s premise, and the silky smooth vocals only take this theme of lush glory a step further. Add in the subtle, yet thoughtful strum of the guitar, and it’s easy to see why “in my guy” is such a decadent debut release from The Hunnies.

While I don’t know too much about the duo quite yet, the new song clearly leaves room for promise, so don’t sleep. Get hip to these amazing vocalists by checking out “in my guy” below!