In For – [Thoreau]

Denver-based producer Thoreau is making his first appearance on the site today. Thoreau has been making waves in the EDM world for some time, amassing millions of plays on various tracks. But on In For, he takes his sound in a new direction into the world of hip-hop. Although Thoreau has explored the hip-hop world briefly with his remix of God’s Plan, that saw wide success amassing over 2 million streams. His journey into the hip-hop realm truly begins on In For. The track showcases his pop appeal and unique rapping/singing style. He opens up and shows us a softer, emotional side as he discusses his own shortcomings. Thoreau is making a major shift stylistically and we’re here for it! We can’t wait to see what else Thoreau is working on as he transitions into his new style. Be on the lookout for his debut EP later this summer.

Thoreau explained the track with this quote:

“I wrote ‘In For’ based on episodes of never feeling good enough, apologetically accounting for my own weaknesses. Sometimes I’m amazed that the people closest to me continue to put up with all my shit, and this song is a heartfelt exaggeration of this. We’ve all wished we could be better people for the ones we love, but what matters most is that we see ourselves for what we truly are, imperfect and beautiful.”

Bump the track below and let us know if you’re In For Thoreau’s new direction below in the comments:

words by Max R