IN DIMES WE TRUST – [Mike Dimes]

San Antonio, Texas artist Mike Dimes, the ‘Double Lamb OG’ returns to Lyrical Lemonade with his latest album entitled IN DIMES WE TRUST. At twelve songs deep, I promise you that every single track is an absolute banger. The only features are Duke Deuce and Zay3k, which allows for Dimes to own the spotlight all the way through. With confident, braggadocious lyricism, Mike’s effortless flows align with the bass-heavy, 808 filled production. Very much containing star appeal, the official music video for”PAPARAZZI” is visual proof that Dimes isn’t shy of the limelight. In fact Mike embraces his upbringing, granted he wasn’t sure if his career would even continue just a year prior. Despite the project being more new-school sonically, none of his rap qualities are sacrificed; replay value is consistent, and the lyrics are catchy enough to quote for an instagram caption or Tik-Tok. For the most part the album’s pacing is rapid; even tracks like “LUV” and “SNOW WHITE” grow in intensity both vocally and instrumentally. The amount of beat drops and/or switch-ups makes for numerous mosh pit opportunities for fans seeing him on tour. Overall, IN DIMES WE TRUST is a fitting album title, because after hearing this record I couldn’t be more assured that Mike Dimes is not an artist that’s going to miss. Have a listen below!