imtheworst – [Jammy] + [2hollis]

Despite the current-day digicore scene being as effectively crowded and loaded with a mass amount of artists, its true purveyors are sometimes forgotten amongst this enormous group of talents. This fact mostly results from a combination of the limitless scope this scene presents and how fast-paced it has come to evolve — but its forefronting figures must be respected as such regardless of these reasons entirely. 

That is why a great deal of respect should be put on the name of one Jammy, perhaps one of the scene’s most overlooked mainstays throughout its entirety. The Graveem1nd staple has been a key player in the rise of this scene for quite a long time now, and their experience has led them to master a number of its defining traits far before even some of their most esteemed contemporaries. 

It’s a level of expertise that has bled through all of their recent output this year — most notably through their latest single “imtheworst.” This is a track that serves as a perfect encapsulation of the fine-tuned talents that they exude so vividly, while also standing on its own as another simply brilliant offering from our main subject. 

They join up with fellow act  2hollis to absolutely seize the moment over a simple, yet suburb instrumental provided by Greentop. The beat utilizes its lone main synth riff as its centerpiece, drawing listeners in with its addictive nature while also shining the spotlight on both of our performers throughout. 

Jammy’s learned nature as a scene mainstay shines brightly from all angles of their performance here. Their melodic, yet gruff delivery provides the most nuanced contrast to the blissful and clear instrumental, a feat that is entirely difficult to pull off given how mixed these two sonic styles are. But they certainly accomplish this in full, while also incorporating some blissful and biting wordplay into the entire experience as they always do. 

2hollis makes quite the impression of their own, offering up a far more high-pitched and energized output than the verse that precedes it. This adds a dynamic touch to this otherwise one-note cut, one that could’ve stood out on its own, but is elevated that much more because of this addition. 

For a clear-cut and spotless look into what makes this scene work as it does, look no further than this track as an ideal example. The fact that something like this would result from such a long-standing and experienced figure like Jammy is expected, but not appreciated as much as it should be. Given any task that involves representing a community they’ve helped to foster, they will come through with all the quality in the world. Tracks like this set that attitude in stone, and more will come to realize it with time.