Impatient – [August 08]

AUGUST 08 returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a catchy new song titled “Impatient.” The song is my personal favorite off his new EP, Towards The Moon, which serves as the second part of 08’s 2-part debut album titled SEASICK. “Impatient” is met with an immediate groove; the spacey production contains an eclectic mix of background instrumentation, making it impossible to not clap along the moment you press play. AUGUST’s vocals are confidently expressive, which makes every well-articulated lyric quite effortless to instill into your music-loving memory. Another argument for this track being a standout is by way of its applicability; whether you’re on the dance floor or pensively questioning the state of your love affairs, “Impatient” hits all the same. Have a listen below and be sure to stream the entirety of AUGUST 08’s Towards The Moon EP!