Impalas & Hydraulics – [Reason] ft. [The Game]

I have gone on record plenty of times in the past claiming that TDE is one of my all-time favorite labels in the entire rap world, and that opinion only grows stronger as they add more ammo to their roster and continuously release insanely good music. Now, I would be lying if I said I listened to these artists religiously every day because I like to switch things up and tap in with a plethora of different sounds from day to day.

When I look at the various projects and songs that have been released throughout the years, though, there is no denying this label’s star power and sheer heightened abilities when compared to other collectives, and I’m not even talking about the Kendrick Lamars and Schoolboy Qs of the label. Carson, California’s Reason fits into the label’s historic sound without a second thought, and even though he seems to fit the aesthetic that TDE has become known for, he continues to incorporate new sounds that diversify the complexity of the artists on the lineup.

Currently, he is working on his highly anticipated sophomore effort, and singles like his recently released track “Barely Miss” have me on the edge of my seat. This feeling continues with the drop of his brand-new single “Impalas & Hydraulics”, another remarkable song that features fellow Southern California legend The Game. The Super Mario-produced track hits hard and cuts deep into your soul, but it’s both emcees who seriously show out for this one.

Reason’s raspy voice is undeniably addicting, and as he makes his way throughout the hooks and verses on this record, he includes so many different cadences that seem to compound more and more, leaving me at a loss for words by the time it’s all said and done. The same can be said for The Game, and although he’s a veteran in this industry, there is no taking away from his expert flows and perfectly assertive deliveries. “Impalas & Hydraulics” certainly has me even more excited for Reason’s upcoming album, so while we wait, make sure to give this one a spin when you have a moment to sit down and fully appreciate the unmatched clinic that you’ll witness.