Impala – [Dunes]

Having good cover art is so important to me, it’s an easy way to help standout amongst the unreal amounts of music that is released these days, plus it just adds a nice dynamic to a release. I found this new project titled “Impala” by Boston duo Dunes simply because their cover art stood out to me, so I thought why not listen to it? I had no prior knowledge about either of these guys before hearing this tape, but what producer Sweeps did with the emcee Bill Grease on this project was special. It’s definitely a little bit different than most of the hip-hop that you hear nowadays, I could see some people comparing it to more of the more traditional hip-hop sound from the 90’s, but to me, it’s the perfect mix of a modern sound and an old school feel. The production on this tape was outstanding, to say the least, it had a boom-bap type of approach on most of the records provided, but some of the songs have more elements on top of the beats that helped make them special. The emcee Bill Grease snapped on each of these songs he rapped on, and all in all, they created a solid project in my opinion. Don’t take my word for it though, listen to this new release below!