Immaculate – [$NOT]

Over the last couple of years, it’s hard to think of an up-and-coming artist who has had more success in this industry than $NOT. He had already built quite the legacy with his series of mixtapes prior to worldwide fame and his cult following was always as strong and loyal as it gets, but it almost felt like a switch was flipped and he instantly took off, soaring to heights that I knew he’d eventually get to, I just didn’t realize it would be as quick as it turned out to be.

First off, I’m a massive $NOT fan and have been for years, but I honestly don’t know what it was that really took him to the next level. I think it has to be a mixture of his diverse sonic portfolio and versatility over any instrumental placed in front of him, but I also think that the connections he has been able to make throughout the years have had to help him grow and expand his name much further than other emcees that were in a similar position as him.

One way or another, $NOT is now a household name and I couldn’t be more excited for him, so when I saw that he dropped a brand-new single called “Immaculate” after kicking off the Grey Day tour he is a part of with renowned names like $uicideboy$, Ski Mask the Slump God, Maxo Kream, and many others, I knew that he was starting to kick things up a notch once again. GeeohhS produced this hit, utilizing a dreamy, mystifying melody that sounds like it came straight out of a 90s R&B record, and it seems to pair magnificently with $NOT’s more lighthearted, easygoing delivery.

We all know that the Florida emcee can change from aggressive and violent to relaxed and serene, and while I have trouble deciding which version I prefer because both styles are just so enthralling, I definitely think that he is able to crush every single aspect of this gentle, wistful track. Even the accompanying music video is well shot and super clean, which makes every single part of “Immaculate” just that, a perfect new offering from one of Florida’s finest emcees, and it gets me even more excited to see what else $NOT has in store before the year is up.