I’m Your Lover – [Merely]

Since its earliest inception dating back to the early 1980s and even beyond in some cases, the status of tried and true dream pop has become something of an eternal treasure amongst fans of the wide world of pop music as a whole. The sophisticated, dense, yet completely digestible and appealing sounds that this subgenre has brought over the years has this almost unexplainable everlasting factor to it, which makes music in this light just as approachable as it is enjoyable across the board as it stands today.

But that is not to say there is no room for acts working today to go above and beyond the preconceived standards that this style of pop holds within itself; in fact, acts who accomplish this feat see their artistry grow in the minds of many as a result, especially given how difficult it is to impress beyond the baseline appeal – no matter how enjoyable it is – that it holds.

Though numerous rising artists have come to adequately fill this role in recent times, perhaps no one has done so with as much of a heightened, thunderous, and simply outstanding nature as Swedish pop talent Merely has over the past few years. The youthful creative has spent time channeling her spirit through such projects as Team Rockit and Chariot – both of which being far more abrasive and experimental than the sounds she is known for under this name – but her solo work under the Year0001 label has provided the most telling amount of weight into her artistry yet.

Put simply, not a single act working now is as unmistakably remarkable as she is within the dream pop world, and that notion is utterly set in stone when taking her blatantly breathtaking recent single “I’m Your Lover.”

Under a pounding synth-driven instrumental that is all-too-reminiscent of one of the subgenre’s most essential main components, Merely delivers an unforgettable vocal performance that does more than enough to cement her aforementioned untouchable status in this light.

The manner in which her delivery slowly but surely builds upon its own weight throughout the given verses – starting from its soft beginnings and eventually increasing in its intensity – encapsulates the sentimental tones that these passages hold as they progress. But everything comes together in such a seamless and all-encompassing fashion once the chorus hits, as Merely absolutely astonishes with her emotionally-charged hook that serves as one of the best single moments of the entire year as far as pop is concerned.

But even then, that sentiment applies to the rest of the song as a whole. This track is the most ideal example of how to take the standards set by others in a particular genre and fine-tune them to what can only be described as pure and utter perfection.

And even with all of that being said, a song like this still leaves room to embellish on its own right due to this immense quality — which is exactly what two of music’s most outstanding production talents in Himera and Mythologen did after this track’s original release. They both transform the song into respective forms that could have never been imagined beforehand, as they both take what was already a world unto itself and cloak it with their own unique senses of creativity.

Himera’s remix – at no surprise whatsoever – is a slow-building and atmospheric trance ballad that sees Merely’s own voice put through a variety of different channels and corresponding effects, almost as though it is an instrument within itself through it all. But that is just one component of this utterly immense musical experience that they were able to create with the pieces given to them, considering how the once-lonesome piano riff at the top of the track eventually evolves into an abrasive and momentous collage of intensity and thematic weight once it is all said and done.

Mythologen’s take on the track is far more similar compared to Himera’s, but is still a wholly unique experience in its own right. They were able to take the original song’s already atmospheric and spacial nature and elevate them even further into unfounded territories, as their version adds an even more soaring selection of synths and pads that work to accomplish that sentiment on their own. The grooving percussion also does its part in making this remix even more comprehensive and appealing, practically acting as the third piece to an ever-dynamic puzzle that these tracks come to form with this release in full.