I’m The Worst – [RYL0]

If you read a lot of music coverage you probably hear people calling things ‘relatable’ all the time. Olivia Rodrigo’s teenage angst is ‘relatable’, Billie Eilish’s romantic meditations are ‘relatable’, everything is ‘relatable’. I always wondered why artists tried so hard to be relatable until today, as RYL0’s newest single “I’m The Worst” explains my biggest struggle through the graceful beauty of song. Over a pensive guitar melody and booming bass signals, RYL0 delivers listeners a glitchy and high-energy love letter to hating your phone and feeling overwhelmed. She’s just like me! I think, as I listen to the young LA-based prodigy sing lines like “I’m trying my hardest” when faced with the reality of having to answer an endless onslaught of DMs, texts, and emails. We’re kindred spirits in that way, both of us want to throw our phones into the fucking ocean and forget that social media ever existed, but sadly that’s something neither of us can do. It also speaks volumes that our response to this draining issue is to apologize, rather than to question a culture that would force us to be glued to our phones! It’s madness, but luckily tracks like “I’m The Worst” don’t make me feel bad when I forget to respond to someone for a year. If this is your first exposure to young RYL0, then consider this just a brief introduction to one of hyper pop’s most seasoned upcoming talents. With more music likely planned for the near future, you can catch me requesting this track at the club as I contemplate shooting my phone out of a cannon.