im still dreaming about you – [Savage Ga$p] ft. [1nonly] & [ciscaux]

In a world full of so many different characters and opinions, whenever an artist like Savage Ga$p comes around, we definitely need to appreciate him. While he might not have the wildest flows or most insane deliveries, he has a way of sharing his feelings that are just almost too relatable. Whether it takes you back to the daydreams you used to have about your middle school crush or current love affairs that make you feel like a kid all over again, his message is simple enough to relate to anyone yet still genuine to the point of knowing he truly means what he’s saying.

While not every single release of his has to do with his latest crush or a recent fling he partook in, his most recent single “im still dreaming about you” definitely covers these experiences, and he recruits 1nonly and ciscaux to join him in backing up his very real and vulnerable moments. Okjaml took the liberty of bringing this song to life starting with the instrumental that’s made up of a drum-forward instrumental that’s fast-paced and very bouncy, replicating something that would definitely get a club bumping from the jump. Although it’s maybe a bit faster than I’m used to hearing from Savage, he opens up with his soft-spoken delivery that just seems to glide over the beat effortlessly.

Here, he takes a moment to talk about his admiration for this girl he seems to not be familiar with quite yet. After a solid opening hook, 1nonly comes in with a much deeper voice that also seems to contain various layers that give off the impression that an entire crowd is singing along with him as he drops off a stellar verse. The energy continues into ciscaux’s verse as he shows off his trademark enthusiasm while almost over annunciating his lines just to make sure you hear each and every word he spits before Savage leads us out with one final hook that’ll bounce around in your mind for the rest of the day.

I always make a point to check out new Savage Ga$p offerings whenever I see them drop, yet I never really expected this style when going into this record. Nonetheless, it was wild, entertaining, and spectacular all at the same time, and it immediately became the latest addition to my Spotify playlist considering it will definitely get the vibes up no matter how you’re feeling before listening to the record. While I don’t think he aims to make TikTok hits, this song just seems like it’s inevitably going to take the platform by storm and go viral, so make sure you check out “im still dreaming about you” now before it takes over the social media platform for good.