I’m Okay – [Stef]

In a scene that is made up of artists who – by any means necessary – work to differentiate themselves from their contemporaries, standing out in a unique manner as far as one’s entire artistry is concerned is not just a daunting task, but a necessary one. To truly make an impact in this day and age and amongst this group of talents in particular, one must genuinely go above and beyond in setting up an unprecedented musical approach about themselves.

But that seemingly rare and unfounded feat has been remarkably accomplished by practically each and every artist at the forefront of this progressing Internet-music scene in its own right, which speaks volumes to the fact that we are dealing with one of the most legendary and outstanding periods in the history of music alone due to this fact by itself. And to say that Novagang’s very own Stef is perhaps one of the most shining individual examples of this sentiment in effect would be the most blatant understatement imaginable.

Stef has gone out of their way to absolutely carve out the most singular niche for themselves as they stand so close to the equal amounts of talent in that collective and even beyond, and these efforts have paid off so exceptionally well due to how acclaimed they are becoming with each successive release they come through with.

Putting this notion into effect would not be a difficult task for someone as talented as they are, not even the slightest bit whatsoever. But with their latest single “I’m Okay,” they see themselves joined by three other equally singular acts in their own right — essentially putting the utmost weight into what was previously mentioned regarding how diverse and divergent this scene truly is.

Before d0llywood1, Twikipdia, and AViT can deliver their own respective verses on this multi-layered offering, Stef themselves delivers the most adequate and emphatic chorus imaginable over this ever-changing yet consistently intense instrumental from inci0. Their static, gripping, and incredibly appealing hook here does all it needs to in setting up the baseline format for these other acts to follow.

Dolly’s verse arrives as soon as the beat begins to pick up a rapid pace, and she matches this feeling with all the grace in the world considering her superbly delivered mic work and overall presence that – just like any of her other songs and/or features – is as all-encompassing and thrillingly unignorable as can be.

Twikipedia immediately follows this passage with one of their own that takes direct advantage of yet another slight instrumental change as the track proceeds. Inci0’s incredible beatwork here shines just as brightly as Twikipedia’s verse, both finding themselves shrouded in a sense of atmosphere and dramatic weight all the same.

Another chorus from Stef sets up what can only be described as the song’s most profound and jaw-dropping verse in its entirety at the hands of AViT — who absolutely electrifies this already eclectic song with a performance unlike anything of its kind this year. They immediately make an impression with their fierce shouts and further delivery throughout, balancing a sense of sincere harmony with a blatantly ferocious and forceful one with such outstanding ease.

What these acts were able to do over a short two-and-a-half minute runtime is without question one of the most remarkable feats within this year’s entire music landscape altogether, and it further proves how surely unique these individuals are on their own, yet how easy it is for them to bring their divergent talents together to create nothing short of brilliance in the process.