I’m Good [Ebony Loren] x [Ethan Deetz]

Chicago artist Ebony Loren makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a stunning single titled “I’m Good.” Despite being just 20 years of age, Loren’s vocal commentary sounds mature with several years of lived experience. With over 200,000 Spotify streams and just under 500k followers on TikTok in the last 6 months, her following is completely organic thanks to her alluring voice and likable persona. “I’m Good” is a refreshingly wholesome track because Ebony lifts herself by opening up on her life struggles. Specifically admitting that she was crying the previous day, Loren’s resiliency comes into play as she emphasizes that nothing will stand in her way from being happy. Sonically the production from Ethan Deetz is smooth with with a crisp melody, as Loren balletically overcomes her temporary hardship. Reminding herself and anyone listening that there’s always room for better days, “I’m Good” is a beautiful record to keep in your rotation for whenever you’re stuck in the blues. Have a listen below!