im drunk and i miss you still – [Savage Ga$p] ft. [1nonly] & [lilbubblegum]

Savage Ga$p is one of the most notorious underground legends to ever make music, and although his origins might’ve begun on the pages of SoundCloud, he has obviously found some insane success much further beyond the music streaming platform. Most recently, he decided to complete his “im drunk and i miss you” series with a little help from rising stars 1nonly and lilbubblegum, and the results are absolutely remarkable.

In a press release for the song, Ga$p describes how one of these songs comes together: “One part sample, one part feature, two parts sadness…that’s the formula for an ‘im drunk and i miss you’ track. but there’s definitely a more desperate undertone this time around.” This is the perfect explanation and Ga$p executes his goal to a T, incorporating an obvious longing for his significant other while sharing some sorrow within his vocals because of the fact that their relationship just doesn’t seem to ever truly work out the way it is meant to. Although 1nonly and lilbubblegum are two names I wasn’t too familiar with prior to hearing this record, they were obvious candidates to join Savage on this track because they complemented and expanded upon the disparity and lust that Ga$p had already laid the groundwork for.

Additionally, the incredible talents teamed up with Polearm and Satch Films to bring this single to life with an uncharacteristic yet enthralling new music video. As it opens, a cartoon scene shows a star lying in bed as he’s clearly distracted by something on his mind. Soon after, he picks up a picture of him and his girl that was on the bedside table, looking at it and longing to be with her once again. The scene quickly transitions to Ga$p and 1nonly as they begin to recite their lyrics. While there are a few different settings and various different groups of friends joining them in the visual, one of the most interesting parts in my opinion is all of the different clip art-like animations that pop up to help further emphasize the feelings and emotions that the three artists are expressing.

“im drunk and i miss you still” is an absolute must-listen whether you’re in your feelings or not, and I’m even more excited that this is the first single off of an upcoming project that is set to release later this year. I’m excited for this because it means that Ga$p is gearing up for another eventful and fruitful year full of new music, visuals, and who knows what else he might have up his sleeve. I was also informed that he and his crew took a writing trip to Texas for the entire month of January, which was extremely productive, so that’s just further evidence that we’re in for numerous treats in the coming months. Regardless of what the future might hold, I highly suggest you live in the present and check out Savage Ga$p’s latest offering as soon as you possibly can.