i’m drunk and i miss you more – [Savage Ga$p] ft. [Shady Moon]

The underground is such a vast and diverse place that it is impossible to keep up with everyone all at the same time. Due to this, for the longest time I kept hearing about Savage Ga$p but never actually tapped in with his music until way later than I should have. I have become a massive fan over the past 2 or 3 years, and although this might seem like I was into his music from the start, he has been making hits since long before that, and I’m just happy to be as acquainted with him as I am now.

If you know anything about his career, you should definitely know about his “i’m drunk and i miss you” series which continues to grow by the day it seems, and even though there are probably 4 or 5 new renditions of this sequence, they seem to getter better and better each time, most recently thanks to “i’m drunk and i miss you more” featuring Shady Moon. In this one, he continues with his honest yet bouncy disposition that comes through over a super smooth and out-of-the-box instrumental courtesy of melodiq, okayjml, and polearm.

When Shady comes in, he seems to be a bit more spiteful, incorporating a slight hatred into things when talking about his ex and some past relationships that he was a part of. In the music video, this duo takes things out to the snow-covered forest where they simply vibe out, spit their bars, and let small animations and clip-art-inspired pictures pop up and leave in order to correlate with the lyrics they’re mentioning.

No matter how simple or intricate Savage Ga$p gets with both his songs and the visuals that accompany them, he simply never releases something that disappoints. I do think that there are still so many more listeners out there that just need to listen up and see what he is capable of, but I know his current fanbase is always going to show love and support as long as his music is as awesome as this hit, which it always seems to be, so I will never stop supporting as long as I am here on this Earth.