[I’m A Mess] – [Johan Lenox] ft. [Lancey Foux]

Fresh off a “Late Show with Steven Colbert” performance and a string (lol) of carefully-crafted singles, Massachusetts composer-turned-pop star Johan Lenox returns this week with his newest single + visual “I’m A Mess”. Joined by UK rapper Lancey Foux, the two seasoned artists trade surprisingly high-energy performances about existential dread and uncertainty over a mix decorated with strings and hip-hop percussion. The Aamir Khuller-directed visual is cohesive yet chaotic, and Johan’s dreary pessimism is complimented well by Lancey’s melodic optimism – but both ultimately complicate the very themes that have been the focal point of Johan’s latest work.

In the wake of releases like “Phases”, “You Up”, and “No One Gets Me” (featuring Cousin Stizz, Ant Clemons and RMR respectively), “I’m A Mess” is the final single from Johan Lenox’s upcoming debut What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? – slated for a March release. If the past year of singles is any indication of what’s to come, Johan Lenox’s new project will be a healthy dose of refreshing artistic originality from a powerhouse known for his collaborations and chamber arrangements.

Check out the video for Johan Lenox’s “I’m A Mess” featuring Lancey Foux below: